Post migrations complete

Wow, lot's more content, right? Sorta, but not really. I finally got around to migrating the content from my old site over to this one. For the most part, everything is the same. I did make one exception, the 'Hero-Villain' post isn't a post anymore. Now, it has become part of 'About' and is titled 'Villain Lore'.

Other than that, everything should be back to normal as it once was. I did also spend a bit of time updating the windows toolbox as I have replaced and simplified a few of the tools.

Additionally, I have added new link to my resume under the 'About' dropdown.

In the coming days, I hope to have some more content, and now I do plan on trying as hard as I can to become an active blogger. I don't expect you to have much faith in that, I know I wouldn't, but if I accomplish it, then you will have to admit that I followed through.



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