Nikola v8 and Solarization

Wow! That's a different look.... Yes, yes it is! Thank you for noticing.

As you already observed, I have made some changes. None of the changes is overly drastic, but each of them should lend to a more enjoyable experience on the site.

The changes so far include:

  • Upgraded to Nikola v8.0.0b2
  • Changed to bootstrap v4 for the parent theme
  • Added Solar bootswatch subtheme
  • Customized theme further:
    • Changed font to Gentium Basic
    • Increased font size for easier readability
    • Increased default line spacing
    • Changed color palette to use the light color settings

All in all, the changes are pretty simple. Let me know what you think as you peruse the site with it's new appearance.



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