yEd graphing tool

Ok, I am on a slight roll tonight. Might as well share another one of my secrets with my readers. Many of us in the industry have been plagued over the years by “What tools are there besides visio for me to do my diagrams?”

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Would you hire her?

I was browsing linkedin right quick before signing off, and I saw a headline that grabbed my attention. It opened up about wether or not you would hire “The ugliest woman in the world,” Lizzie Velasquez.

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Push, pull?

Push, or pull? That is the question of the day.

What is push and what is pull? These are simple principles, but can be difficult to explain so I am going to use monitoring to do that for me.

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The "Truth" about DevOps? - A startup perspective

Now here is an interesting topic; one that very few have any understanding or idea what it actually means. What exactly is DevOps?

Ask any modern technology based company if they have a DevOps team, and they will probably say yes. Ask that company to describe DevOps and you will be amazed by how varied the answers are.

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